14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (2023)

If you want a piece of the tiny home life in Maine, you have a couple of options. If you have land and the desire to choose your own tiny home from the ground up then you can go the classic route of specifying your tiny home and setting it up yourself. However, there are tiny homes already out there that are just waiting for you to live in them!

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This guide is here to round up some of the best tiny houses available in Maine right now that you can buy right off the bat. If you’re ready to take the plunge and get yourself some tiny living, look no further.

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Modern Spacious 34’ With Bedroom Over Gooseneck, Monmouth

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A classic trailer-style tiny house, this spacious and full-featured home can be yours today. It’s in the Monmouth area, but as you can see from the pictures it’s ready to roll!Featuring a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, plus a load of living space and a raised bedroom area, this is a perfect tiny house that’s ready to go today.

Made to last, with durable metal siding and roof, plus a waterproof floor and excellent insulation, this house will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The interior features extensive use of reclaimed pine and oak, and it’s even set up to accommodate a washer/dryer. This is a true home on wheels!

Beautiful Tiny House On Trailer, Sanford

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (3)

Another beautiful trailer-based home, this one featuring a gorgeous rustic interior with beautiful wooden paneling. It’s so cozy; it’s just perfect for those chilly Maine winters! It’s not just a rusticated dream though, as the bedroom fits a queen-sized mattress and has pre-fitted USB points for easy device charging.

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Not shown in this picture is a cedar deck, which is also included. Featuring a well-supplied kitchen with cherry-wood butcher’s block countertops, and a bathroom with a stall-sized shower, this tiny home is ready for living.

Custom-Built Cabin

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (4)

Talk about the wow factor! This is a fairytale custom cabin that can be yours today. Built for easy transport to its forever home, and packed with beautiful, hand-crafted features (the whole interior is lovingly finished in bespoke wood, right down to the cabinet doors!) this is a true gem.

Every single part of this tiny house just begs you to come and live in it. You can imagine hunkering down in the cold, or throwing the doors open on a warm summer’s day and letting the light stream in. It’s a real triumph of hand-made architecture, and it could be yours today!

12×16 Tiny House, Windham

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (5)

This unassuming exterior hides a surprisingly light and airy tiny home with a shocking amount of space inside. The interior is modern and stylish with a stone-topped kitchen surface and tasteful touches in all spaces, and it’s fully rigged with electricity and water!

Woodland Home (To Be Moved), Sherman

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (6)

Like something out of a dream, this 12×18 tiny home is currently located in this beautiful woodland setting but requires moving to your personal plot on purchase.

With a porch and a wood burner, this is a perfect tiny home to build a forest nest in. It may be bare-bones, but if you’re looking for a real rural retreat that doesn’t seek to emulate city living this is a perfect solution. It’s been well-loved and maintained, so you just need to find a place for it and arrange transportation.

Tiny Home On A Foundation, Deer Isle

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (7)

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Sat on a foundation in an acre of land, this tiny home has a huge amount of appeal. From the rustic boarded exterior to the jaunty interior decoration, a lot of love has already gone into this little house (just look at the planting in the garden!).

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This tiny house comes with a washer/dryer and a fully-fitted kitchen with a propane stove-top, toaster oven, full-size refrigerator/freezer, and on-demand propane-fueled hot water. Not only that but it’s located next to a golf course and beach! It’s beautiful, and it could be yours.

Tiny Home On 21 Acres, Readfield

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (8)

A beautiful tiny house, a storage shed, a deck, and 21 acres (yes, you read that right) of land; what more could you want? Well, this property is also fully hitched up to the grid for electricity and internet connectivity.

It has a newly drilled well and septic system for the bathroom and also permission and space for more construction if you are looking to expand. It’s also not far from town, yet a picture of perfect isolation. It’s the whole package!

Waterfront Tiny House In Camp, Smithfield

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (9)

If you’re looking for tiny living but don’t want to be totally off the grid, then this could be your perfect home! It’s currently not winterized, but it wouldn’t be hard to convert to a year-round home.

New windows have been fitted recently, as has a new hot water tank and insulation, so you’re close to winter-ready from the second you move in.

Access rights for parking, garbage, and the beach are included, and the association fee for the camp even includes mowing! You could wake up every day to this waterfront view.

Village Center Tiny House

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (10)

(Video) 8 Affordable Tiny House Kits Under $50k Available on Amazon | Prefab Homes

This tiny house has serious curb appeal! The beautifully decorated front porch and tasteful landscaping are just the introductions to a gorgeous Maine home inside.

Lacking nothing in terms of interior space thanks to a smart layout that prioritizes coziness and functionality but with a homey spin, this is a perfect village home in the outdoorsy Western Mountains region.

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If you’re looking for a blend of town and country, and somewhere warm and inviting to come home to every night, this tiny house is a great choice.

Fixer-Upper On Two Acres, Knox

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (11)

There’s not much left to do to make this tiny house on two acres of beautiful land a forever home. As you can see from the picture, it’s gorgeously made, with an inviting porch and a form that settles into its surroundings perfectly.

Insulated, wired for electricity and internet, and with a heat pump fitted to maintain year-round comfort, all that really needs doing is fitting out a bathroom and kitchen, and deciding on wall and ceiling finishes.

The interior space has a vaulted ceiling, which would be perfect for splitting into a mezzanine above the joists, or for retaining to keep the enviable height and airiness that it brings.

If you’re caught on the ropes between building somewhere entirely your own and buying an existing tiny home, this might just be the midpoint you need to let your imagination run free!

Tiny Studio On Wheels, Berwick

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (12)

The tiniest of the tiny, this wheeled studio is perhaps not your best bet for year-round living as a primary home, but if you really want the coziest living space imaginable then it could be just up your street!

(Video) 14'x32' Shed Delivery in Maine - Our Shed to House Conversion Journey

Charmingly made in rustic wood with loads of light thanks for those big windows, and with a little porch too, this is a mini-cabin that can go wherever you need it to.

It’s fully road-legal with plates, is insulated and wired with an electrical hookup, and while it lacks bathroom and cooking amenities it’s still a real delight. If you need a secondary living space with a truck-load of charm, this could be for you!

Little Cottage With Ocean Views, Saco

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (13)

If you want a full-featured home with a load of character plus a sea view, look no further! This tiny house is decorated in a classic Maine beachfront style, and the family room looks straight out to the beach from a beautiful wall-width window.

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This house comes with parking for the property and an outdoor shower, which is perfect for hosing off after a beach trip; living here, you’ll be getting sandy a lot!

The kitchen features a breakfast bar, and the exterior space is perfect for entertaining or relaxing in the sun. With a beautiful yard and all the modern amenities and conveniences you could possibly want, this could be your tiny dream house!

Unique Small Home On One-Acre Private Island, Naples

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (14)

There’s getting away from it all, and then there’s really getting away from it all. This is a phenomenal tiny home that’s not just out in the woods, but on its own private island in the middle of a lake!

Featuring beautiful landscaping and a totally singular living space crafted in gorgeous wood, this is the sort of home that dreams are made of. The island is reachable only by boat, and once you’re there you have the run of its wooded environs, with a fire pit and outhouse adding to the amenities.

Not content with the amazing on-island set-up, this house also comes with two years of free parking, boat storage, and boat launching on the Naples shore, so you don’t have to worry about additional fees for getting to and from your island home.

(Video) Inside a $10,000 Tiny House | Best Tiny House Kits

Tiny Home With Lake Access, Embden

14 Awesome Tiny Houses For Sale In Maine You Can Buy Today (15)

If you like the outdoor life with plenty of hunting, fishing, boating, and trails, this tiny house is perfectly located for you. With lake access and a slip included, this is an excellent base for a woodsy lifestyle.

The house itself is wired for electricity and has its own well, and is decorated with rustic charm throughout. There is a fire pit on the property, and even sap lines and a sugar shed if you fancy getting into maple sugaring! This could be the ultimate Maine forest getaway.


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