DOU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers 2023 PDF (2023)

Are you interested in gaining admission into Dennis Osadebe University? If you let our specially prepared DOU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers be your guide, you can never fail to gain admission. Use our past questions to get your confidence back today!

All our sample question collections are carefully collated in order to put you in the driving seat inside the examination hall by providing you with a complete understanding of the many questions that will be on display.

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About Dennis Osadebe University(DOU)

Dennis Osadebay University located at Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria is a public university headed by Vice Chancellor Prof Ben Emukufia Akpoyomare However, Delta. The State University is one of three new institutions founded by the Delta State government and recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in 2021.

By January 2021, Governor Ifeanyi A Okowa of Delta State disclosed plans to transform Delta State University, Anwai Campus Asaba, and two other schools such as Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, and College of Education, Agbor into a complete University.

The bills were given their first reading on the 28th day of January 2021 during plenary at the Delta State House of Assembly. The legislation was passed after being examined by the House Committee on Education in February 2021.

While assenting to the bill which was adopted by the State House of Assembly, Governor Ifeanyi A Okowa declared, “As the college students of our technical education start to progress from the technical colleges to the polytechnics, they also have a chance of going further to the University of Science and Technology.”

Currently, this school of higher learning comprises six faculties: computing, management and social sciences, environmental science, management, and arts.

DOU Post UTME Past Questions

We have for you:

  • A broad selection of past Post UTME questions and answers from DOU, comprising all subjects that will be on the exam.
  • Thorough explanations for each question so you can figure out the right answer and the reasons behind it.
  • A PDF configuration to ease download and printing, authorizing you to study from anywhere globally and at any point in time.

As soon as you finish reading our previous questions and answers, you will be able to see trends in the types of questions asked and devise strategies to deal with them. You will also have a greater understanding of the mathematics matter and will be more prepared to answer any exam question.

Spend time learning about relevant topics. Invest in our DOU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers package to maximize your chances of success. Our sample questions are designed to give you an advantage over other applicants because they are based on genuine questions from previous years and will prepare you for the format and kind of questions you will face on test day.

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Why you need DOU Post UTME Past Questions

1. Understanding the Structure of a Paper and the Language they Use

It helps you to know how everything is laid out and on exam day you don’t stress out over it. It’s important to be aware of the location of any additional material that may be included on the exam paper, such as equations for the sciences and mathematics.

After completing a few practice exams, you are familiar with the format of the questions. It’s good to be aware of this so you don’t write an essay-length response for a 2-mark question and run out of time for a 10-mark question later in the paper. In general, the paper will start with lower-mark questions and build up.

2. Time Management

The usefulness of finishing our sample past questions is that you can estimatehow much time you will have for each question. Even better, invite a parent, sibling, or friend to serve as your invigilator and keep track of how much time is remaining.

3. Understand the Allocation of Marks

It also helps to understand how and why points are assigned in a particular way, pointing to an underlying marking scheme for each previous exam. You can mark your own work in this way and observe where the marks are placed.

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You will be able to organize your replies using this knowledge of the many types of answers that are needed. By using the marking scheme, you can improve your answering techniques and ultimately shorten your exam time.

4. Good Way to Practice Writing

In case all your revision notes are arranged in bullets, using our past papers is a helpful technique to practice organizing the knowledge you have learned into paragraphs. As a result, you will also be able to communicate your information accurately, which is just as important as really possessing it.

5. Assessment of your Possible Scores

Immediately after studying our material, you can mark your own work and then assess your result. This action enables you to ascertain which parts of the subject you are capable of responding to and which features require additional revision. By doing so, you may stay on top of your studying and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Even if you don’t feel satisfied with your performance using our sample past questions, don’t get discouraged. Try again! Rest assured that these sample papers will serve as excellent preparation for test days. Retry after learning from your mistakes.

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Tips to Help you Pass the Post UTME Exam

You can use the following tested tips to pass the post-UTME exams:

1. Understand the Exam Format: Familiarize yourself with the format of the Post UTME exam. This includes the number of questions, the time allocated, and the scoring system.

2. Study the Right Material: Ensure you are studying the right material for the post UTME exam. This includes the syllabus, past questions, and other relevant materials.

3. Make a study schedule: Create a realistic study schedule and stick to it. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you cover all the necessary material before the exam.

4. Practice with past questions: Practice with past post UTME questions and answers to get a sense of the questions that are likely to be asked on the exam.

5. Understand the Exam Structure: Understand the exam structure; this includes the number of questions, the time allocated, and the scoring system.

6. Time Management: Manage your time effectively during the exam. Ensure you have enough time to read and understand each question before answering it.

7. Stay calm: Maintain your cool during the exam. Do not panic if you come across a difficult question. Take a deep breath and think through the question before answering it.

8. Get enough rest: Get enough rest the night before the exam. Being well-rested will help you stay focused during the exam.

9. Stay positive: Stay positive and believe in yourself. Believe that you have prepared well and can do well on the exam.

10. Read the instructions carefully: Read the instructions carefully before you begin the exam. Make sure you understand what is being asked of you before you start answering the questions.

DOU Post UTME Sample Questions and Answers

English Objectives

In the questions below, choose the word(s) or phrase which best fills the gap(s)

1. Jubril found that thieves had entered his house in his absence. He went to the police to report the…

(A) break out

(B) break up

(Video) Unilorin Post Utme Past Questions & Answers for 2023 (Pt 1)

(C) break in

(D) break into

2. After the accused was found guilty by the court, his counsel… before sentence was passed

(A) begged for mercy

(B) made a plea for mitigation

(C) made an ovation

(D) made a plea for litigation

3. Four persons accused of currency… are being held by the security agents.

(A) trafficking

(B) traviking

(C) trafficking

(D) traffiking

4. Gone are the days when he… enjoy patronage.

(A) would

(B) will

(C) used to

(D) could

5. He did not attend the final burial …

(A) rite

(Video) Post utme past questions 1

(B) rights

(C) rites

(D) right

6. The officer was compelled to… the suspect’s car.

(A) seize

(B) cease

(C) sieze

(D) sease

7. A number of doctors are not so well disposed to … in government hospitals these days, … they?

(A) working/do

(B) work/are

(C) working/are

(D) work/aren’t

8. If you are going to the market, may I… please?

(A) follow you

(B) come with you

(C) come by you

(D) come as your second

9. Wada said that two of his chickens … eggs yesterday morning.

(Video) How to answer every Question Correctly in 2023 JAMB,WAEC,,Post UTME ,IGCSE, NEET etc

(A) layed

(B) lied

(C) laid

(D) lain

10. Thank you for the party, we really…

(A) enjoyed ourselves

(B) enjoyed

(C) enjoyed very much

(D) enjoyed too much.

Reach out to us today and enjoy automatic access to the PDF download. You can learn and equip yourself at your own pace and have the flexibility to examine the details as frequently as you desire.

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How to get DOU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF

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The DOU Post UTME past questions and answers cost N1,500 only. The past questions are in PDF and will be sent immediately after payment confirmation via Whatsapp or an active Email Address.

Follow these steps to proceed:

Make a bank deposit or direct transfer of ₦1,500 only to the account details below;

  • Bank Name: Access Bank
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After payment, send the following details to us on WhatsApp;

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or Contact Us At +234 810 114 3584

Once your details have been received and payment confirmed, you will receive the past questions immediately.

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How many questions to answer in post UTME? ›

You will answer twenty-five (25) questions for each subject combination. You must study how to prepare and pass the UI Post UTME exam.

Which app can I use for Utme past questions? ›

Jambite is one of the Best Post UTME Past Question Apps and it has questions from different universities and polys in Nigeria. You can also use the app to check your UTME score after sitting for a UTME exam in Nigeria.

How can I pass UI post UTME exam? ›

How to Pass University of Ibadan (UI) Post UTME Exam
  1. Get a High JAMB Score.
  2. Know the UI Post UTME Format.
  3. Kill the Fear of Failure.
  4. Study With the UI Post UTME Syllabus.
  5. Practice Past Questions.
  6. Attend Tutorials.
  7. Stay Updated on UI News.
Mar 22, 2023

Is Post UTME free? ›

Download post UTME past questions and answers that will work for all Nigerian Universities. The download is free.

How many questions are in ABU Post UTME? ›

ABU is known to ask questions from your core subjects such as English, Economics, Government and Literature. They would usually ask 50 questions to be answered in 1 hour.

What is the highest post UTME score? ›

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on Thursday released the names of the best students who sat for the 2022 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination ( UTME). Prof Is–haq Oloyede, JAMB Registrar said an indigene of Ekiti, Adebayo Eyimofe, scored the highest mark with 362 points.

Do they repeat post UTME questions? ›

Over the years, Jamb has been reported to have repeated certain UTME questions in the past and even now. Jamb won't ever repeat questions carelessly. For instance, you can't expect to see the exact questions set during 2022 Jamb exam in 2023 Jamb exam.

Which is the app which gives answers to questions? ›

Socratic by Google on the App Store.

How do I print post Utme screening? ›

How to Reprint UNN Post UTME Slip
  1. Open Chrome Browser on your phone.
  2. Visit the UNN Post UTME Portal.
  3. Enter your JAMB registration number.
  4. Click on the submit button.
  5. Save the document on your phone.
  6. Go to a cyber café to printout your UNN Post UTME slip.
Mar 16, 2023

How do I check my Utme results on Google? ›

JAMB UTME Result Portal | Steps to Check Your Result
  1. First, go to, the official JAMB portal.
  2. Next, locate and click on 'E-facility' on the menu bar.
  3. On the page that shows up, click on the 'UTME 2023 Main Results Notification Slip' button.
4 days ago

How is UI post UTME cut off mark calculated? ›

  1. · ...
  2. Score = (G/30) x 50 = O'level points (50)
  3. · JAMB/UTME: Jamb scores / 8 = Jamb points (50)
  4. · For 2 sittings.
  5. Note: Candidates with wrong subject combinations in either JAMB or O'level results were not scored where wrong, and will be denied admission either now or later.

Is UI Post UTME form out for 2023? ›

The University of Ibadan (UI) administration has begun the sale of its Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) screening exercise application form for the 2023/2024 academic year.

What is the JAMB cut off mark for all courses in UI? ›

The UI JAMB cut off mark is 200. Applicants must have made the University of Ibadan their first choice when registering for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This means that UI Cut off mark is 200 for the 2023/2024 admission exercise.

How much is post UTME for? ›

N2,000 (two thousand naira only) is the minimum and most common price for post-UTME forms. What is the cut-off mark for my school of choice? The cut-off marks for each school vary; you can find out the cut-off mark for each school using the links available in the content above.

Can I check my post UTME? ›

With the PIN log into the portal and click on the UTME Admission Screening link then follow the instructions on the portal after login. Buy Post-UTME Result Pin Online option: This option gives access to purchase Post-UTME Result pin from the portal.

How important is post UTME? ›

Post UTME is an acronym for Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam, Each School (University, Polytechnic or Colleges of Education) organize or conduct their Post UTME independently, and you need to pass this just as much as you did in JAMB or even better to increase your chances of being admitted into your desired ...

How did they calculate post UTME? ›

post utme aggregate = jamb ÷ 8 + 100

Let's assume you score 329 in jamb and your waec aggregate is 34% then your total score will be 329 ÷ 8 + 34 = 75. With this mark plus the main post-examination score, you are already set for any school in Nigeria.

What is the post UTME cut? ›

In short, Post-UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) Cut-Off Mark is the minimum score that a candidate must obtain in the post-UTME screening exercise conducted by individual tertiary institutions.

What is the JAMB score for ABU? ›

The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) cut off mark is 180. Ahmadu Bello University Management has announced 180+ as the final Cut Off Mark for 2023/2024. This implies that, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) JAMB Cut off mark is 180. You must exceed the ABU Cut Off Mark of 180 to be eligible for 2023/2024 admission.

Who is the first person to score 400 in JAMB? ›

There is no record of anyone who has ever scored 400 in JAMB, the examination for gaining admission into Nigerian universities.

How many times can I check my post UTME result? ›

UTME candidates are allowed to use the one-time payment for the original result to print the same result 5 times. Likewise the JAMB admission letters. This is confirmed officially by the matriculation board. Candidates can only pay once per service especially when printing Admission Letter.

Is Post UTME over 30? ›

That's is 240/8 = 30/50, OLEVEL score is graded over 20, While Unilag post UTME score is graded over 30. Is Unilag post Utme score over 30? Unilag post utme score is over 30. Here, the student is expected to select the five compulsory subjects for their course.

What are the most repeated question in jamb? ›

Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Physics
  • Simple Machines.
  • Work, Energy, and Power.
  • Elementary Physics.
  • Molecular Theory and Heat Transfer.
  • Hydrostatics.
  • Temperature and Thermal Expansion.
  • Measurement, Scalars, and Vectors.
  • Electrochemical Effects.
4 days ago

What is the full meaning of jamb? ›

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions.

Where can I get questions and answers? ›

  • User-powered question and answer platform. ...
  • Ask a Librarian. Online reference desk service from the Library of Congress. ...
  • Brainly. Post questions to a community of millions of students and teachers. ...
  • Chegg Study. ...
  • Dummies. ...
  • eHow. ...
  • PolitiFact. ...
  • Quora.

What is the secret questions app? ›

AskMe is the best app to get anonymous and honest answers to your questions. It's extremely simple to create a new question and share it to Instagram. You'll receive anonymous messages and you'll be able to reply it back on IG. AskMe is intended to be used safely.

What is a screening form? ›

A pre-screening form is a survey given to candidates before they are hired to determine whether or not the individual is capable of fulfilling the job opportunity.

How to buy UI Post UTME form online? ›

UI Post UTME Date 2023

You can apply for UI Post UTME at You will have to fill out the online registration form and upload your O'Level result on the portal as well. Currently, the deadline for UI Post UTME registration has not been announced yet. Also, Check UI Resumption Date.

How to print JAMB notification? ›

He said all candidates taking the 2023 UTME are expected to print their examination notification slips on or before Monday, April 24, 2023, by visiting the website of the board,, click on “2023 UTME SLIP PRINTING” on the menu bar to know the time and venue of their examination.

How do I download Google results? ›

Sign in to Google Surveys. Click the survey whose data you want. On either the survey-results or question-results page, click Download . The Excel file is saved in your default download location.

How do I get on search results? ›

How to use your website to get on the first page of Google
  1. Determine your keywords. First, determine which search queries you want Google to answer with your website pages. ...
  2. Tell Google what keywords you're using. ...
  3. Write for humans. ...
  4. Emphasize location. ...
  5. Optimize for mobile. ...
  6. Focus on user experience.
Aug 19, 2020

What is the cut off mark for medicine and surgery in UI JAMB? ›

Cut Off Mark For Medicine In UI

To study Medicine and Surgery in UI you must score at least 200 in JAMB to qualify for Post UTME.

What is the cut off mark for biology in UI? ›

UI Post UTME Departmental Cut-Off Marks
Education and Biology52.62552.625
Education and Chemistry50.7550.75
Education and Christian Religious Studies50.050.0
Education and Communication and Lang Arts50.12550.125
89 more rows

What is the aggregate score for medicine in UI? ›

2021/2022 Post UTME Cut Off Marks
100 more rows

How many students does UI admit every year? ›

The University of Ibadan (UI) will offer admissions to only 3,500 out of the 60,000 candidates that applied for its undergraduate courses, a figure 50 per cent lower than what the National University Commission (NUC) has allotted the institution.

Does University of Ibadan accept second choice? ›

CAPITAL NO! The University of Ibadan (UI) does not admit candidates who select them as second choice institution in JAMB form. This implies that you will not be considered for admission to UI if you pick it as a second University when registering for JAMB UTME.

How much is University of Ibadan school fees? ›

The current school fees of the University of Ibadan ranges from ₦34,300 to ₦36,800 for old and new students for all desciplines. For new students, you will have to check the fees by the department on the official website of the school. Payment would also be made on the online portal.

How many questions does UI set for post UTME? ›

The University of Ibadan (UI) exam format is 100 questions for 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will answer twenty-five (25) questions for each subject combination. You must study how to prepare and pass the UI Post UTME exam.

What is the JAMB score for law in UI? ›

UI Jamb's cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session is 200, so for a student to register for the University of Ibadan POST UTME he or she must score nothing less than 200 in the concluded JAMB examination.

Is UI federal or state University? ›

U.I is a federally-controlled public university located in the heart of the largest city in West Africa – Ibadan, Oyo state.

How much is post utme form in Nigeria? ›

The University Post Utme form price is N2,500 when you purchase it from the bank. The cyber cafe charges you higher than the amount when you want to register which the amount may be N4500 or N5000.

How much is post utme for unilorin? ›

UNILORIN Post UTME Screening Form 2023/2024
Post UTMEInformation
Application Fee₦2,000
Start Date7th November 2022
Deadline14th December 2022
Exam Date7th – 16th February 2023
4 more rows
Mar 16, 2023

Is Lasu Post utme form still on sale? ›

The LASU Post UTME form for 2023/2024 is now available online via and registration of LASU post utme will commence by August, 2023. The closing date for the registration of LASU has been scheduled between September 30th to October 31st, 2023.

Which app can I use for post UTME questions? ›

List of The Best Post UTME Past Question Apps for Android
  • JAMB CBT + WAEC Past Questions. Developer: Myschool Limited.
  • Post-JAMB Screening Test 2023. Developer: JOE Technologies.
  • Jambite: Free JAMB, Post UTME. Developer: Axum Technologies.
  • PASS.NG -JAMB 2022, WAEC, NECO. Developer: Clickright Ltd.

Why can't i see my post UTME result? ›

If you have got an error which says: NO RESULT RECORD FOUND, your result has been witheld for further investigation. This simply means that your result will be released after it has been confirmed by our team of investigators.

How to apply for AAU post UTME screening? ›

AAU Post UTME & Direct Entry: Procedure for Online Application. Candidates can apply online at using their ATM cards on (Quickteller) Interswitch. The cost of the online Application form is N12,200 (twelve thousand two hundred naira) only.

Who started post UTME in Nigeria? ›

The post-UME screening was introduced in 2005 by the former Minister of education, Mrs. Chinwe Nora Obaji following the Universities outcry against the credibility of the examination conducted by JAMB.

How do I calculate my cut off mark? ›

Cutoff marks are calculated by converting the Maths marks to 100, Chemistry marks to 50, Physics marks to 50 and then adding them up.

What does aggregate mean in JAMB? ›

aggregate is just the combination of your performance in jamb/waec and postutme, in other word the school would add up your performance in the exams to get your final aggregate score.

What is the cut off mark for KSU post UTME? ›

The current UTME Cut off Mark for KSU is 160. The Kogi State University, Anyigba is inviting candidates who made KSU their first choice in the recently concluded UTME for admission into their department of choice.

What is the cut off mark for JAMB 2023? ›

This means that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, (JAMB) has adopted a minimum Cut-off point of 140 for its 2023/2024 admission exercise. You need to pass the JAMB cut-off point of 140 to qualify for admission in 2023/2024.

Which University has the lowest cut off mark for law? ›

JAMB Cut Off Mark for Law to Participate in Post UTME is 200, although some Universities like AAU (Ambrose Alli Univesity) would accept 180, but the least any University (except private University) would accept for Law is 180.

What is the meaning of screening cut off mark? ›

The cut-off mark is one of the requirements for the MOUAU Post UTME screening exercise that the University do conduct before admission can be offered to any candidates. All candidates are advised to check the minimum score for their chosen course before they registered for the PUTME.

What is the minimum JAMB score? ›

JAMB's General Minimum Cut off Mark for all Universities in Nigeria for 2022/2023 admission exercise is 140, and as such no University in Nigeria is expected to set their Cut off mark for admission below 140.

How many subjects are written in ABU Post UTME? ›

Four Subjects Written in UTME: Here, the concerned universities such as the University of Lagos, University of Benin, Ahmadu Bello University, Obafemi Awolowo University, and Federal Polytechnic Ede to mention a few, will set questions strictly for applicants based on the subject combination in his or her UTME.

What is the lowest score for post UTME? ›

Post UTME cut-off marks are the real score in the school's entrance exams or screening points that candidates will be admitted with. For some schools, it starts from an average mark of 50% to 100% e.g. UNILORIN, OAU, UI, etc.

How can I check my post UTME result? ›

With the PIN log into the portal and click on the UTME Admission Screening link then follow the instructions on the portal after login. Buy Post-UTME Result Pin Online option: This option gives access to purchase Post-UTME Result pin from the portal.

How many questions are in KSU Post UTME? ›

KSU Post UTME will be a Computer-Based Test (CBT). The questions will be from your JAMB subjects. 10 questions on each subject and general knowledge. You will be given 60 questions.

Which poly can I go with 120? ›

Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa [120. Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja [120] Federal Polytechnic, Idah [120] Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State [150]

How long does it take to see your post UTME result? ›

Post-UTME/Screening Scores Will be Released

UNILORIN results take less than 24 hours, LAUTECH less than two days, UNILAG, UNIBEN, UI, Federal Polytechnic Ede, and OAU within a week. Some universities take a long time though. FUOYE, UNIOSUN, etc. will make your results available in a few weeks.

How can I check my yaba post UTME result? ›

For reference purposes, the YABATECH aggregate score for the 2022/2023 academic session was released on December 21, 2022.
How to Check YABATECH Aggregate Score
  1. Step 1: Access the YABATECH Aggregate Score Portal. ...
  2. Step 2: Log in with your Credentials. ...
  3. Step 3: Save/Print Aggregate Score on your Device.
Dec 21, 2022

How do I print a post UTME photo card? ›

Enter your username and password in the space provided. Once logged in, scroll down and you will see your screening date. Below your date you will see Click here to print your photocard. Click on it and your photocard containing your exam venue, time, seat number and other relevant details will show up.

How can I check my post UTME result for unilorin 2023? ›

Go to UNILORIN Post UTME result checking portal @
  1. Enter your JAMB registration number and surname in the required columns and click on LOGIN.
  2. On the left side of the page, click on screening result to access your UNILORIN Post UTME score.
Feb 14, 2023

How can I check my post UTME result for UNN? ›

Visit the UNN Result Checker Default Page

Enter Your JAMB Registration Number in The Text Box. Click On the Green Submit Button. Select Generate Invoice for UNN Post UTME Result. Copy The 12 Digit Remita RRR Number.

How many is post UTME score? ›

UTME scores, where each score range has its equivalent point can be summarised thus, 180-200=20-23 marks, 200-250=24-33 points, 251-300=34-43, 300-400=44-60 points. Each category would contain five JAMB results per point added. Eg. a candidate with 180-185 gets 20 points, while a candidate with 186-190 gets 21 points.

What is the minimum test score for KSU? ›

Admissions Summary

Students that get into Kennesaw State University have an SAT score between 1030–1200 or an ACT score of 19–25. Regular applications are due June 30.

What is the pass rate for KSU? ›

The best BSN program in Georgia is offered by Kennesaw State University. This school has the highest NCLEX pass rate of any school in the state. In fact, the average NCLEX pass rate between 2018 and 2021 was 97.32%.


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